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Dental implants are small titanium posts that are inserted into your jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. The post acts as a foundation for common dental restorations including crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Here’s why implants are such a great choice:

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Solid Foundation

A missing tooth or unstable dentures can cause discomfort, anxiety, and embarrassment. With dental implants, you can say goodbye to these issues! These posts integrate with your natural bone to create a stable base for your dental restoration.

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Modern Solution

At our office, we only use innovative materials that are beautiful and built to last. What’s more, our dental implants are biocompatible, cavity resistant, and can be placed with outstanding consistency and precision thanks to our CBCT scanner.

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Long-Term Health

After losing a tooth, your surrounding jaw bone begins to deteriorate. Dental implants can stop this process by replacing the missing tooth’s root. This, in turn, prevents other issues such as the build-up of decay or teeth shifting.

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Expert Dentist

Many dentists refer patients to other specialists for dental implants, not us! Our very own Dr. Zach Crawford…Learn more about our implant dentist… has the training and experience to place and restore dental implants.

As always everyone is so nice, professional, and makes me feel like I am the only patient in the office. Melinda and Alan have the best dental practice in the state. Thank you!

Joy H. (Actual Patients)

Placing a Dental Implant

How does the procedure work?
Meet Dr. Zachariah Crawford

Our dentist is experienced and accomplished at placing implants.

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Dr. Zach Crawford furthered his knowledge in the area of implant dentistry. He has always been fascinated by this subject and now enjoys helping people experience the benefits. He uses his advanced training and modern techniques to place dental implants for our patients at Oak Grove Family Dentistry…Get more information on our homepage….

As a professional, his love for helping people is his primary motivation, but he also enjoys the daily challenges dentistry presents. Recognized as “the red-headed dentist,” Dr. Crawford has a fun and laid-back personality that all our patients love.

You can enjoy a new smile with a dentist who truly places your welfare and comfort above all else.

Our implant dentistry expert, smiling as he wears a plaid shirt and leans against a white pillar
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